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Why pogies for speckled trout fishing?

One advantage to using pogies for speckled trout bait is that they can be sized for the fish being targeted.

Steve Shook is known for two things: using live pogies to catch big speckled trout and fishing the rocks of East Timbalier Island.

Ups and downs for the Shooks

Ginger and Steve Shook lived a high-profile lifestyle during their days on the Southern Kingfish Association tour.

Steve Shook has lived his fishing life in the fast lane: expensive boats, glitzy destinations, cheering crowds, famous friends, big money — over $1 million in earnings in 1998 alone.

Plan A, B and C — Fishing tactics for redfish, drum and sheepshead

Tip with “maaw-ket” shrimp, cast over the abundant oyster beds in this area — and HOLD ON!

“Redfish in April?” Artie laughed as Doc mentioned our forthcoming fishing trip. “Man, redfish ain’t ‘runnin now! Dey run in da fall! You guys gotta be outcha mind!

The Free-liner — Trophy trout expert shares the secrets to success

The barges of Fourchon are visible behind Steve Shook, who is posing with a speck well over 5 pounds.

Speckled trout have always been the premier gamefish in Louisiana’s coastal marshes, and big speckled trout — the kind that are 7 pounds and larger — are the stuff of which dreams are made.

Fishin’ the ’hood — Springtime fishing tips for reds and trout

Capt. Mike Gallo and his wife Jackelyn with a beautiful Biloxi Marsh speckled trout.

Whenever I fish with Capt. Mike Gallo, we always bring a third man along. There’s plenty of room in his 24-foot bay boat, plus it means an extra set of hands and a third line in the water to increase our chances of catching something picture worthy.

Sumrall, Areceneaux hold on to win Louisiana Sportsman Open Bass Championship

Caleb Sumrall (left) and Jamie Arceneaux landed 15.82 pounds today to clinch the victory in the 2014 Louisiana Sportsman Open Bass Championship held in conjunction with the Louisiana Sportsman Show.

Caleb Sumrall and Jamie Arceneaux plucked more than 20 ˝ pounds out of Lake Dauterive yesterday to take the first-day lead of the Louisiana Sportsman Open Bass Championship, and they returned there today to seal the victory and collect the $12,000 first-place prize.

“We did exactly the same thing (as we did yesterday),” Sumrall said. “We were flipping shallow banks.”

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