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How to limit on Lafitte reds

Getting out early before temperatures soar is an important key to catching Lafitte redfish.

Thursday it took one stop for guide Dominick Ochello to put his clients on all the Lafitte redfish they could stand.

“We caught 27,” Ochello said. “They were schooled up.”

The Cajun Bahamas

Grand Isle, Louisiana is a true sportsman's paradise where life slows down and awesome fishing memories are made.

C Mac's - Near Shore Artificial Reefs

Chris Macaluso talks about the importance of the Near Shore Reef program.

Pulling the trigger on trigger fish

Gray triggerfish, a bonus catch and a wonderful table fish, is a poster child for the state of fisheries management in the Gulf of Mexico.

Gray triggerfish are a prized bycatch to red snapper fishing. Their delectable table qualities are evident in their nickname “armored snapper.”

Bermuda chum surprisingly tastey

Chunky Bermuda chubs were challenging to hook, but proved delicious on the table.

Some fish you never think seriously of eating. 

Marsh and bay fishermen feel that way about hardhead catfish. Offshore fishermen think of Bermuda chubs in the same vein.

Doing macaroni for chumming mangrove snapper

Boiled macaroni is often used by David Meyers as chum for mangrove snappers.

“I was at the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo,” David Meyers explained, “when an old timer told me about using macaroni boiled in crab boil for mangrove snapper chum.

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