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Surf and Turf

Producer Jared Serigné traded in his camera for a rod and reel on this episode to take Hack Attack to some of his favorite grassy lakes in Delacroix, LA. The two worked the milfoil beds and filled the boat with bass and reds.

Basin producing huge bream

Greg Crawford holds up a 15-ounce bluegill he landed Monday during a Crawford fishing trip to the upper Atchafalaya Basin.

It’s been at least 25 years since my younger brother Greg, my dad Allen and I fished together. So it was an even bet whether or not we’d all survive the trip when we loaded up Monday morning to make a bream-fishing trip to the Atchafalaya Basin.

Three Crawfords on 17 feet of Cajun Special can be a scary thing.

What’s new? Baby VuDu!

Beautiful night trout taken on a VuDu shrimp.

The VuDu Shrimp baits have taken this area by storm, and tackle shops are having trouble keeping them on the shelves.

Lighted public fishing piers

• Sunset Point Fishing Pier (Mandeville) — Open 24/7, free

Tackle information

The Zoom Fluke was an especially effective lure on this day.

Schilling’s main fishing reels are old-fashioned Abu Garcia 5500 Ambassadeur bait casters. They are used whenever he fishes with worms, frogs or flukes.

Freshwater diversions not without controversy

The hard-fighting bass of Caernarvon will quickly dive into grass clumps taking some of the fun out of the fight.

Kevin Schilling said flatly that having the freshwater diversion is “the key” the Caernarvon bass fishery.

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